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Image Capture and Print Tracking for Document-Intensive Environments

OKI is now offering Drivve | Image and Drivve | Print solutions for its smart MFPs, to meet the image capture and print tracking needs of most document-intensive environments.

Drivve solutions are effortless to use, yet incredibly powerful. This innovative suite of award-winning software modules and services streamline and improve business processes, giving your company instant access to all of your documents. Drivve | Image and Drivve | Print optimize the document lifecycle, from image capture and processing to print and output management.

drivve image panel

Why You Need Drivve Solutions

Converting hard copy documents effectively and routing them to an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) or document management system can be difficult, time consuming and costly. Although scanning a document might be easy, inappropriate file naming, conversion of file types, and workflow mistakes can be detrimental to your business process. Applying an automated workflow to these processes can help ensure accuracy, efficiency and security for the documents in your business process workflow.

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