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100% Hardware Refresh

Wouldn’t You like to Grow Your Business Without Continuously Funding Capital Expenditures for It Infrastructure?

Save up to 50% of your IT budget by freeing yourself from the endless cycle of equipment upgrades and the man-hours to manage them.

Now days, IT departments typically spend much of their budget upgrading their pricey hardware. Unfortunately, hardware deteriorates and gets old thus making the capital expenditure an ongoing activity. On average, it is recommended to replace your PC hardware every 3-4 years and your server hardware every 4-5 years. This is mainly because pushing computers beyond that time usually ends up costing a business more in increased hardware maintenance, loss of efficiency and individual component failure.

Luckily, gone are the days of expensive hardware purchases. With CompleteCloud, you don’t have to invest in costly deteriorating hardware. All product packages provide a full “turnkey” solution that replaces your entire organization’s existing IT system with a full technology refresh at no capital cost.

You will never need to buy a computer or server again! Our clients receive new servers, new virtual PCs and new thin clients: all with a $0 capital investment. This includes everything: LAN switches, WAN bandwidth and Firewalls, dedicated server plant (MS Exchange, File/Print Servers, and SharePoint), Windows desktop operating systems, Microsoft Office, Antivirus/Anti-SPAM, etc. You will never have a surprise expense or capital cost related to your technology infrastructure.

These products are delivered using a unique “subscription” model which is charged on a monthly basis. All hardware, software and support labor is included in the subscription as well as all software upgrades. You no longer need to worry about staying up-to-date with the newest operating systems, server licensees or security tools. We take sole responsibility for all maintenance and upkeep of your system and network.

Disaster Recovery

As a business, your data is the lifeblood of your organization. Protecting and securing vital information is often one of the most challenging and underappreciated responsibilities you have to face. As difficult and scary as this task is, data protection is a strategic and critically important requirement for your business. Luckily, CompleteCloud is here! Disaster recovery with CompleteCloud offers the simplest and most cost effective method of disaster recovery and business continuity for mission-critical systems and applications.

CompleteCloud takes a very different approach to disaster recovery. In this approach, the operating system, data and applications are integrated into virtual servers. These servers are then copied and backed up to an off-site data center. In comparison to the conventional disaster recovery approaches, this is extremely beneficial because your data and applications now reside in two separate data centers, and you become completely site and device independent. Meaning if your office was hit by a tornado, fire or earthquake, your computers will keep running safely in our redundant data centers.

CompleteCloud delivers faster recovery times and multi-site availability at a fraction of the cost of conventional disaster recovery. You do not need to worry about deployment and maintenance of IT infrastructure or resources.

With CompleteCloud, you get a fully-integrated cloud backup and IT recovery system that gives you complete restoration of your IT systems following a disaster. We offer a resilient, highly-available infrastructure ideal for supporting critical disaster recovery requirements. It is our priority to make sure your data is securely protected and always recoverable when you need it. We do all of our backups all the way to the desktop level.

  • Ongoing data backups
  • Site and end device independence
  • No equipment replacement costs
  • Faster recovery
  • Peace of mind

CompleteCloud offers disaster recovery to small businesses like it has never been done before. Our centralized infrastructure, real-time redundancy and complete device and site independence, and unique pricing model, finally gives business owners the peace of mind that their data is safe, and they will have a partner that will keep them on their feet in case of a disaster.


Total Mobility

More and more organizations are recognizing the immense business benefits that come with increased mobility. Mobility is essential to staying connected to your customers and your team; it enables you to be as productive away from your desk as when you are at your desk.

Today, CompleteCloud is enabling our clients to work in any place, at any time and on any device. With CompleteCloud all you need is an Internet-enabled device, such as a laptop, smartphone or tablet and Internet connectivity to connect with your colleagues and clients from the beach, an airport or an off-site location. It doesn’t matter where you are, productivity and efficiency will never be compromised.

Avatara has the expert knowledge and proven resources to deliver enterprise-grade cloud mobility solutions that can improve the way you work. CompleteCloud will provide your business with greater collaboration, improved responsiveness and better performance.

Your employees no longer have to be chained to their desk to access file servers, shared databases and all of your applications. They can be accessed at LAN speeds regardless of their location, all while applications and data reside on our high performance, secured servers.

Total Mobility Benefits:
  • Enable offline access to corporate data
  • Achieve greater employee engagement and satisfaction
  • Increase the productivity of your workforce
  • Optimize your business workflows
  • Improve overall business performance
  • Allow for greater collaboration between employees

Enterprise Security

Are you hesitant about the cloud because of perceived security risks? It’s human to be wary of things you cannot see or touch. We understand that sending sensitive information and private data off into the “sky” sounds very risky. This uncertainty is primarily driven by a lack of trust in cloud security. With some providers, it can become impossible to know what country your data resides in, let alone what server it’s sitting on. However, with the right provider, cloud security is far stronger than anything your company could offer in-house.

CompleteCloud is proud to be one of the number one reputable cloud service providers nationwide, enforcing the security, privacy and integrity of all of our clients’ applications and data. Before we launched our company, we were very aware of the security risks of hosting large amounts of data, so security is one of the fundamental building blocks of our business. We deploy a private cloud for all of our clients. Their servers sit in their own domain behind their own firewalls.


Our data centers have multiple layers of both physical and digital security. It is well equipped with biometric access, video surveillance and round-the-clock security guards monitoring the location ensuring no unauthorized individuals enter.

We store your data on enterprise-grade hardware equipment generally unaffordable for most small businesses. By allowing us to host your mission-critical data, you are instantly upgrading to safer equipment protected by enterprise level anti-malware.

If you decide to take a do-it-yourself approach to security, you not only have to buy the right equipment and software to secure your on-premises deployments, you also have to worry about maintaining it and keeping it up-to-date as threats evolve. Small business networks are much more vulnerable than our data centers. Keeping your data on your office server is kind of like stuffing cash in a mattress: ultimately, you’re better off putting it in the bank.

At CompleteCloud, we help clients in many different industries safely and confidently leverage secure cloud computing services and solutions. We take the appropriate measures to make sure things are in place and compliant.

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