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Convenient Fax Services

OpenText RightFax integrates with OKI MFPs allowing you to have fax services on your network giving you convenient access to faxing capabilities on the same devices used for printing, scanning and copying.

With Oki’s RightFax connector, you’ll benefit from walk-up access and a central point of control for electronic or hard copy faxing enabling you to streamline document flow processes while saving time and money on administrative tasks.

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System Requirements

  • RightFax version 10.6 or greater
  • Windows XP and later Windows OSs are supported
  • Requires RightFax client installed on PC
  • Supported OKI MFPs
  • MPS3537mc
  • MPS4242mc
  • MPS5502mb
  • MC770 / MC780
  • MB760 / MB770
  • CX3535 MFP / CX4545 MFP*
  • ES9465 / ES9475

Download the RightFax Connector for OKI MFPs

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